Coming Soon from MiPet………

MiPet (the own brand associated with MiVetClub) are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of our new products; Endectrid and Quantex.

Endectrid (containing Imidacloprid and Moxidectin) is our new flea and multiwormer, for both cats and dogs and Quantex (containing Praziquantel) is our new tape wormer for cats and dogs.

As with the other MiPet products, you can be assured that both Endectrid and Quantex are very competitively priced. Please contact Judi and Anita to discuss the exceptional savings you can be making by switching to these and other MiPet products. These new products will be available to order through the MiPet website from early April 2015 Details on how to order will be available soon, watch this space!

For more information please contact either Judi, on 07950 972129 or email or Anita, on 07508 838188 or email

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