Member Testimonial

We at MiVetClub value our feedback, whether good or bad, and always welcome any from our current or perspective members. Nick Rushton, a MiVetClub member, who owns two vet practices in the Cheshire area, had this to say about MiVetClub:

In January 2014, I joined MiVetClub after it was demonstrated how I could receive enhanced rebates, and be provided with additional support services – important for me as a sole owner / manager in an expanding business.   I was already a member of another buying group, but have been glad to make the switch. Every month I receive a clear breakdown of my wholesaler bill, rebates and charges each individually broken down by branch practice.  It was easy to switch and our account manager supported the process and in fact continues to support our practice with regular contact; this may be to provide solutions to out of stock products, alternative products and where we can make further savings. In addition each month I receive a net net price list showing the discount on each product in a clear and open format, and a newsletter detailing any manufacturers’ offers etc. MiVetClub are resourceful too, as new deals have been sourced in response to our needs, both for services and products. Our practice is now using the own brand range, MiPet, which again improves our margin and profitability but also supports repeat sales as the products are not available on internet pharmacies. I would recommend MiVetClub as a company of integrity and the team there have always shown excellent customer service in response to any queries we have had.

At the end of this practices first year with MiVetClub, we managed to save them just under £10,000. If you are a MiVetClub member and would like to send us your comments and feedback please contact us on


If you would like more information on how MiVetClub can begin to save your pradctice money, please contact us on to find out more!

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