MiVetClub’s New Service Provider

Virtual Recall

MivetClub are pleased to announce our new service partner; Virtual Recall, providers of email and text reminder services to your clients.

They offer a range of fully automated messaging service packages, taking your client care to the next level.

We have teamed up with Virtual Recall, to offer all MiVetClub members, their iRecall Parasiticides package, free for the first year.

Benefits to your clients include; one easy to read, easy to action reminder for all of their pets which is personalised including pet name, product name and practice contact details.

There is a “Click and Collect” add on function which makes reordering prescription medicines even simpler for clients, which can be branded with your practice logo and will be automatically emailed direct to your practice for fulfilment.

What’s in it for you, the practice – happier clients, and improved compliance, financial reward from increased sales and footfall. Also the added bonus of increased client awareness and marketing, without the additional workload!

To find out more, please contact your MiVetClub business manager or visit Virtual Recall’s website http://www.virtualrecall.com/

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