What do our more recent members say about their experience in joining us?

Here’s a testimony from Sam Read, a Practice Manager of 2 sites in Berkshire:

We joined MiVetClub in June 2015, having been a member of another buying group, after it was clear further savings and support were on offer.

I think where a practice has been in one buying group, there is a common worry that there’ll be disruption and lots to do when a practice changes their buying group. This was not the case with MiVetClub; it was an easy switch with no disturbance in ordering. That’s because the MVC support team did everything in the background and notified manufactures and suppliers for us. We simply were given a new wholesaler account number. Also a very clear statement and net net pricing list, now comes from MiVetClub. No disruption at all.

We’ve already started using their MiPet range, so that we could maintain our Health Plan pricing and to drive repeat purchases from other clients.

We’ve also signed up staff onto local courses, taking advantage of the fantastic training and development package.

I’d encourage others to take a closer look at MiVetClub.

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