MiVetClub grew out of the extensive business services which were developed to manage the large and growing veterinary practice portfolio in the CVS veterinary group. As with any business, there was a need to command favourable business terms and prices from our suppliers and service providers.

To improve efficiencies further, the CVS group took over operations at three diagnostic laboratories, four pet crematoria, a locum agency, and took in house it’s own administration for direct debit collections. MiVetClub members that choose to use these services receive exclusive rates and the reassurance that the management team understands the needs of a veterinary practice and ensure that the service levels remain high.

Our focus is primarily on companion animal veterinary services, however we have recently added a growing number of equine and large animal surgeries to the practice portfolio. Naturally, any independent practice that is a member of MiVetClub buying group, can benefit from these extended relationships and revised benefits.