MiVetClub Website - Benefits Page ImageUtilising the services (in the list below), will maximise on your membership benefits and practice profitability.

There are many fantastic savings for your practice in money, time and resources. With MiVetClub’s ability to secure the very best deals available, you will receive competitive net, net prices and access to stock our MiPet own brand range of products – www.mipet.com

We are also very resourceful and have been known to secure product that is in short supply or agree discounts for CPD and produce tickets for events that are full!

Our simplicity of service and dedicated support will help you to reduce overheads and administration costs. We can offer a vast amount of purchasing expertise to give our buying group members access to enhanced high level information helping your veterinary practice to achieve its full potential.

Sign up to MiVetClub today to enjoy all of these benefits and much, much more!

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